Our Process

Fast and easy way to send Money

Check rates

Check our competitive rates and fees by selecting the receiving country and currency.

Identity Validation

Register and confirm the remote verification of your identity.

Create your transfer

Insert the payout amount and confirm the transaction to your destination country.

Make your Payment

Decide how you would like to pay. Payment methods may vary based on your location.


After inserting your email address, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) that is needed to confirm your email address Once you enter your email, you will receive a link to verify your email address.

All you need is your smartphone and an ID. Fill in a few personal details, take a selfie, and snap a photo of your ID. That's it!

Once we verify that it’s really you, we’ll send you a notification and you can start using our services immediately!

Online Transfer

SHIFT serves more than 90 countries, covering most of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, as well as Australia

SHIFT offers cash pickup, bank account service, and mobile wallet transfers. Available options may vary depending on location.

Enter the amount of money you like to send, and check how much the recipient will get. You will be amazed with our reliable rates and transfer charges

Ready to send

Once you have accepted our terms and conditions, you can process your transfer. The recipient will then receive an SMS to notify them of their incoming funds!

You will receive a confirmation notification, once the funds have been collected or have arrived in the destination account.