SHiFT® Wallet
is an easy, secure & convenient mobile money transfer app to handle customer remittances and providing information about SHiFT services prices and destination channels.
After downloading the App, use your customer ID if available or follow the registration process by filling the form to receive your Customer ID and activate your account. Once you receive your Customer ID, Shift will provide you with 100% Discount on your transfer fee (FREE TRANSFER) and another 50% Discount on the transfer fee Discount when you send a transfer through our application. Upon successfully activating your account you will be automatically enrolled to our LOYALTY PROGRAM which entitles you to collect points on your transfers and redeem your rewards (discounts and more).
Start Collecting Today!
Generate Promo Codes
Once you login to your account you can check the rewards points balance you have collected. To redeem your points with a Promo Code go to the rewards tab and click on “Generate Promotion”, the Promo Code will instantly appear in the Promo Code field which you can use with your next transfer. Download now and get 50 rewards points!
  • Find Agents:
    Find nearby agent by choosing your location (Country & City)
  • Fees Calculations:
    Know exactly the rates and the charges you will pay, and how much the beneficiary will receive.
  • Dashboard:
    Check your recent transactions, update your profile, and see your loyalty points balance.
  • Cash Pickup:
    Send physical cash collection requests which your beneficiary can pick up from the nearest Shift service provider.
  • Transfer to Card:
    Send money to any card in specific countries, the beneficiary will receive the money directly to their card. )
  • Transfer to Mobile:
    Top up beneficiary mobile wallet by providing the mobile number only
  • Transfer to Bank Account:
    Transfer funds to the beneficiary’s bank account through the nearest SHIFT service provider.
  • Transfer to any bank Account to Europe:
    Account credit to any bank in Europe instantly with most affordable prices.
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