Living Abroad? How To Send Your Family A Gift This Christmas?

Living Abroad? How To Send Your Family A Gift This Christmas?

Living Abroad? How To Send Your Family A Gift This Christmas?


Christmas season is the time when gift-giving becomes almost a ritual.

Even if you’re abroad this year and can't spend Christmas with your family, you can still show them that you’re thinking about them.

How? By sending them smashing Christmas gifts online.

Sending parcels worldwide by post can be expensive, and considering the rush of holidays, it will take longer than usual to arrive.

We’d like to give you a hint by suggesting a Christmas gift you can send online. It’s much easier than wrapping parcels… It’s sending money abroad!


Send Money Abroad

Sending money to family is one of the simplest and most appreciated gifts you can give!

Although thoughtfully picked gifts can be touching to the receiver, sending cash as a gift can help to ease the financial stress that we all mostly faced this year due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Cash also allows the receiver the freedom to buy things that he really needs and that will make the biggest difference to his Christmas.


Christmas Remittances

Every Christmas billions of dollars are transferred to families by migrants living and working abroad. According to an article published in the Telegraph, around 40% of the remittances sent during December are declared as gifts.

The benefits of sending money as a Christmas gift.

Sending money to your loved ones abroad makes them feel the extras that make Christmas special. After all, festive seasons are an expensive period of the year. So, whilst unwrapping gifts is fun, many people would prefer an extra cash to spend during holidays.


Send Remittances with SHiFT this Christmas

At SHiFT we provide secure, fast and affordable money transfer services to over 95 countries worldwide.

Sending money with us this Christmas is simple. All you need is to visit the nearest cash pickup location. Unlike most bank-to-bank transfers, we charge just one low-cost fee and provide good exchange rates.

Our customer services employees can help you to track the exchange rates and discover the most cost-effective time to make your transfer.

With SHiFT, it’s really a happy Christmas !