SHIFT aims at meeting the needs of the individuals around the world in terms of fast financial remittances on a strong and solid basis and speed that penetrates the barrier of time and distance.

SHIFT has more than 250,000 locations around the world distributed between banks and exchange offices for cash pickup and payout. We have a tremendous expansion in Asia, Canada, Europe and Middle East with the world's most trusted agents that offer high levels of customer service, also major locations in Africa, Russia and CIA countries.

Our company has proved its place by increasing its list of countries to more than 90 around the globe to help people send money to their loved ones and for the purpose of business.

We as SHIFT aim to include other types of locations within our network to facilitate the send and receive process to our precious clients all over the world.

Whether you have a question to ask or a problem to solve, contact us on our phone number, or send us an email. SHIFT is committed to providing you with the best services!

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